Come play bingo at Winner’s, where the volunteers are friendly, helpful and energetic.

At Winner’s, bingo is more than just a game. It’s fun and exciting. Could you have the next number for the $1000 winner? The customers are welcoming and some even consider it a social event.
We have munchies at the snack bar, different types of electronics, and of course, paper packs. We have a variety of charities and they play different games. Young or old, everyone enjoys playing bingo, so why not make Winner’s your hall.


Winner’s Bingo has been in business for over fifteen years at the same location. We are located at
13678 E. Alameda in Aurora. The dedicated volunteers who operate our games provide our players with a friendly and enjoyable bingo experience, while raising money for the charitable organizations that host our sessions. Winner’s Bingo features the best food selection of any bingo hall in Colorado, state of the art electronics, and some of the largest “must-go’s”* in the state. Our volunteers are well trained, efficient, and customer friendly. Our snack bar staff make a point of getting to know our players and provide service with a smile. We appreciate those who come to play at Winner’s Bingo and strive to provide them with the best bingo experience in Colorado.

The religious groups, schools, and youth organizations that host our bingo sessions are well established community institutions, serving thousands of families across the metropolitan region. Most of them have been with us for a number of years, providing a comfortable stability to our hall. Our many high-paying “must-go’s” provide excitement for our players, and our many pickles (aka pull-tabs) and specials offer interesting variety to our customers. Many of our customers have been with us for years, but we want new-comers too!

We invite you to make Winner’s Bingo your bingo home. We believe you will enjoy the opportunity to win large pay-outs in a warm, service oriented environment, and we are certain you will enjoy snacking on our wide selection of excellent food choices. Please join us and give us the opportunity to serve you, as you make new acquaintances, enjoy your many long-term friends, and take away your valuable winnings.


James (Happy) Madden, Hall Manager

Ana Pena, Assistant Manager